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Stainless Steel Round & Cylinder Planter Malaysia

Dimension (mm) : 350DIA x 300H mm
Weight : 3 kg±
Carton Box : 360L x 360W x 310H mm
(1 unit per carton)

Dimension (mm) : 450DIA x 320H
Weight : 4 kg±
Carton Box : 500L x 485W x 380H mm
(1 unit per carton)

Dimension (mm) : 500DIA x 400H mm
Weight : 6 kg±
Carton Box : 520L x 520W x 450H mm
(1 unit per carton)

Dimension (mm) : 600DIA x 500H mm
Weight : 9 kg±
Carton Box : 620L x 620W x 520H mm
(1 unit per carton)

Note: Images in this product catalogue are used for illustration purposes only.


FeaturesSpecial Options

Attractive and modern styled stainless steel planter pots are available in round, square and rectangular configurations, and suitable for all Indoor and Outdoor uses. Planter pot provides a solution when direct planting into the ground is not possible or practical. Customise size stainless steel planter pots to suit your application are available on request.

  • Strategically places recommended : Entrance to Buildings, Atriums, Lift Lobbies, Hypermarkets, Shopping Malls, Food Courts, Hotels, Clubhouse, etc
  • Versatile, durable, attractive design & superior quality of stainless steel
  • Fire-proof resistant
  • Least maintenance
  • Long-life product
  • Smooth edges minimise hand injuries
  • Body available in satin, polish or hairline